Thursday, 7 April 2011

fabulous felines

Cats of all sorts!

The originals looked like this:

these were some of the first critters I ever made, out of the non-bakeable clay of interesting colours.

Once I got hold of the FIMO clay, the Birman was one of the first models I tried out, using the basic shape of the yellow cat above.

I was particularly pleased with the white and brown paws, and the brown points. I hadn't yet figured out how to do the noses at this point, so this cat just has a rather simple round nose.

Next was the lion, with his fab mane. If I made another lion, I would add even more layers to the mane as it works really well with the FIMO. This lion is much better than the original one in non-FIMO clay:

Next came Boris, he's actually a model of a soft toy belonging to my sister. He has his own facebook page :-)
He is super fluffy, but I was getting quite confident by this time. I almost made a big mistake of covering him entirely with 'fluff' but I then realised I wouldn't be able to pick him up! So I left the back bald....

Boris worked so well, I thought I'd borrow his shape as a basis for another cat model, this time based on one of my own cats:

Note the better shape to the nose by this stage. Also the torn ear! He needed the mop of hair on top, but when I tried to give him the 3D whiskers like the originals he looked wrong - so I stuck them on the sides of the face instead. Purr-fect!

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