Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Apple Jelly

Another apple-related post (probably several more to follow...)
I've never made jelly or jam before, but with help from 'Aunty Karla' I now have 6lb of the stuff sitting in my pantry :-)

Recipe? Right, get husband to chop, peel and core 4 lb of cooking apples....
Place in large pan (apples, not husband), add 3 pints water and simmer until you have apple mush.
Strain the juice through muslin, using contraption something like this:

Allow to drip for hours/overnight. Protect from cat pounce. Then invite Karla around to help with the tricky bit involving adding 4lb of jam sugar, and heating it till the sugar is dissolved. Bring to a rolling boil, for approx 4 minutes. Use the saucer test to check when its ready: add a little blob of jam onto the saucer and hold up to light so that you can see reflection of light on the jelly surface. Push the jelly with your finger, looking to see if wrinkles form on the surface...(I'm sure there are much better descriptions of this elsewhere on the internet....). Be careful when handling hot jelly - you DO NOT want to get this on your skin....

We got 6 one pound jars of apple jelly using these quantities - now I need to invent a cake recipe involving apple jelly!


  1. Works very well as a filling for cake :)
    Suggest maybe a nice mixed spice sponge. Also works as a surprise centre blob in my apricot (-flavoured-raisin) & almond buns.
    -Aunty Karla xx

  2. I was thinking of something like a cinnamon bun with a blob in the middle....or mixing a little into a cake mixture...?


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