Saturday, 12 March 2011

My first commission - Charlie 'Boo-bear' the lab cross dog

This is my first (sort of) commission. Charlie is a black lab-cross, so I wasn't sure how well a black short haired dog would come out....but he does have some grey-white patches...

First attempt was made in non-FIMO clay. No black, so just started with green to get an idea how he might come out:

Not too bad, so decided to try him in black, with plasticine. The extra details (teeth, tongue, eyes, collar) make up for the single colour quite well.

Evolution of Charlie dog, from green to black plasticine to full FIMO model. I added grey patches to the face and stomach. You have to be careful with the black FIMO, it carries over to the other colours on your fingers and tools very easily.

The final FIMO model

and here he is, all baked and varnished and drying in the sun
think he's come out quite well!

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