Saturday, 19 March 2011

Old English Sheepdog

My second 'commission'. This was going to be good, lots of furry detail!
First I had a go at a head in plasticine:

OK, but this showed me I would need more layers to the fur, and I would have to do the underneath ones first. There has to be some logic to this - FIMO isn't that forgiving so its hard to unpick and redo. So far so good, except I was now told he's black and white. No problem, next attempt is a black and white head in FIMO, with the help of images from google:

Not finished, but enough to get a good idea. The extra whiskers around the nose and muzzle really helped. Its funny how little details like that can really make the model. And there are eyes under there, you can see them in this picture!

Next to add the body, and lots of hair in layers...

He just kept getting more and more furry, especially on top of his head. This is prebake...followed by baked and varnished and drying in the sun:

Rather pleased with himself. You can still see the eyes (just)
Hope his new owners will like him :-)

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