Monday, 2 May 2011

Jess the Border Collie

Another doggie commission, this time a Border Collie called Jess.
Had a quick practice in plasticine first...then had a play with the FIMO:

It was very tempting to carry on with the hair but looking at the photo, Jess doesn't really have a 'fringe' as such...
So I stopped. Here she is prebake:

And post bake and varnished:

And she'll be off in the post once she's all dried!


  1. Hiya. Do you sell the critters or make to order? I would love a cake too but live in NZ so that's not gonna happen.

  2. Hi Joanne,

    Sorry for the delayed reply - I do appear to be making critters to order and also to sell, mostly for friends on facebook so far. If you have a specific critter in mind, give me a shout! I'm happy to attempt most critters and don't charge much (£5 plus postage).
    As for the cakes, all the recipes are really, really easy (I don't do fussy baking, lob it in a bowl, mix it up, stick it in oven!) so give them a try. Don't be put off by the gluten-free thing, people can't tell the difference.
    Best wishes!
    Melanie D.

  3. OK Ta. I would love a set of 4 different cows. We have different varieties here but the holstein one you made is really cool so I'd be really happy with whatever you decide to make. If you let me know where you want me to send some money to and the total cost including postage my email is Let me know what the approximate cost is and round it up to the nearest 5 quid as there's no point sending coins.

  4. OK. I'll see what I can do! What breeds did you have in mind? I can always google them to get pictures to model on. I've been using paypal for payment, I'll email you with my email address sometime. Not sure how much to ask for, since not sure how much the postage will be. Leave it with me...


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