Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New Zealand cattle

A request for a selection of four different cattle models got me thinking about which breeds would make good little models. They need to distinctive enough to be recognisable as the breed they are. I'd made a Highland cow before so I knew that would work well:

So here is Highland cow mkII.

I'd also made a black and white Holstein cow before:

So here is the Holstein mkII

So I needed two more breeds. A short browse on google, and I thought I'd try a Hereford:

Fairly distinctive colouring, plus the hair over the withers, but what really made this critter was the curly locks on his forehead:

I'm really pleased with the curls!

So a final cow breed was needed...I decided on a Jersey since they have good colouring plus can have horns. Then I would have a balance of two dairy and two beef breeds, two horned breeds and two polled, and a range of colours and coat textures:

plus a cow bell :-) on this one

and spikey hair style.

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